Wednesday, April 1, 2009

#14. We've waited.

Mommy's been PMS-ing a lot lately. I don't like it. I don't like angry people, it makes me moodless. And today was an odd day. Some very weird guy texted me with a friends cellphone, and it sounded like he was high on something. I couldn't stop LOL-ING in class when I read what he sent. I miss hanging out with the gang already /: AND I HAVEN'T WATCHED A MOVIE IN BLOODY AGES I TELL YOU. YO GANG, BILA NAK LEPAK NI?

And the tittle is random gile, cause this is RANDOM SHIZZLES. Never question the randomness ^_^

P/S, Elaine and Randy you guys can put up your own profile alright? Cause I don't have a single picture of you guys and I scared later you guys don't like the picture I put up. But your profile must be below mine and Ah Chia's. Cause we the owners :D

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